In the early beginnings of my freelance writing career, I produced nearly 400 articles as a ghost writer, mainly for pet care companies such as Wag!.

This experience allowed me the privilege to work alongside talented editors and content creators, while I gained my footing in this career path.

Published Articles

Rock Climbing: Turn Your Workout Into Playtime

As children, we stayed active simply by swinging around on a jungle gym and racing friends in the school yard. As we get older, a busy schedule cuts into “playtime” and going to the gym becomes more of a chore.

Rock climbing can be your gateway back into playtime, making fitness fun again. Instead of swinging around on a jungle gym, you’ll climb up colourful holds at the bouldering gym or up real rock walls in the great outdoors. The higher level of fitness, technique, and strategy required provides the perfect stimulation for our now grown-up minds and bodies.

In this article I will discuss why you should do it, how you can do it, and how to stick with it for life.

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How to Become a Successful Babysitter in 2019

Many of us were told growing up not to speak to strangers online, these days networking and growing your business would be nearly impossible without it.

In this article, I will go through three essentials to becoming a trustworthy babysitter while taking advantage of the opportunities to connect, network, and join communities online.

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